The Art of Allowing Creativity

The process in an Art of Allowing class connects you to your deep well of creativity, as you go within to envision the artwork that is waiting to be born.

As a certified facilitator, I hold space as you learn easy techniques to paint your inner divine feminine in the form of a woman's face or figure.

Being present to our experience, we allow our muse to guide us, telling our story in a way that accesses our intuition and emotional intelligence.

You'll discover along the way the magic of a spirit-filled painting that is unique to your soul.

The Class Experience

In the class, you'll start with a meditation and visualization, then paint the background based on your intuitive experience and guidance from the facilitator.

Developing Your Painting

The painting takes shape as you explore the background and find the form within it that will become the foreground figure.

Sketching with special pencils allows you to see what it will look like as you experiment and try out your ideas.

Creating A Work of Art

The intuited form is developed into a powerful expression of your inner experience, allowing energy and images to take shape on the canvas.

Although students are guided through a process together, each painting is as unique as the individual who creates it.

Quotes from Students

    This was such a fun & empowering painting process. I never dreamed I’d be able to paint something this nice and in such a short time!

I loved looking for symbols in the background and how my lady could emerge from the painting. Thank you Le’ema for guiding me in this incredible journey. 

I feel like my creativity has been re-sparked, and I’m trusting myself with paints and canvas more. I’m a painter!”

RUBY H.  //  Yoga Teacher


Dance and Paint Your Inner Serpent for Summer Solstice

Celebrate the Summer Solstice! Join me for a day retreat to dance and paint your inner serpent. We will dance with my sacred serpents and then move inward to a painting journey. You will leave with a beautiful painting to take home. All supplies provided. Bring your own food--light healthy snacks provided. Space is limited to 4 women. 

Sunday June 24 12-7pm
Goddess Garden Sanctuary, San Rafael, CA

RSVP 415 - 302-9568
Prepay via PayPal to hold your space:

Le'ema is a seasoned snake priestess and dancing priestess and now painting priestess. She is a certified Art of Allowing facilitator and guide. She is the author of the book Dancing the Inner Serpent: Memoirs of a Suburban Snake Priestess and the DVD Snake Yoga: Sacred Feminine Wisdom. With 30+ years experience in leading women's empowerment rituals Le'ema opens a potent wisdom portal in sacred space for heightened creative expression and rapid transformation.

"Painting Your May Queen"

A spring ritual for Beltane.

Goddess Garden Sanctuary, San Rafael CA
Join us in person or via Zoom remote conferencing using your computer, phone or tablet.

Sunday April 29 - 10 am to 6 pm